Salt Lake City Road Trip – PART II

I have heard that parts of Idaho can be pretty epic. Not this stretch. Even passing through Boise there was nothing. No canyons, pretty fields, city views or potatoey things.  I stopped in Burley for gas and a late lunch where I discovered I can pump my own gas like a real grown up! Fuck you again, Oregon. Little Ceaser’s was most convenient for food…oh well. Either that or gas station wings. Roll with the road-trip culinary punches, I guess.  Continue reading


Salt Lake City Road Trip – PART I

The first time I heard King Diamond’s brilliant concept album Abigail (early ’88, though it was released in ’87) I thought “it would be cool if he played the whole album live!” Then with his horror themes and Satanic camp aesthetic I thought “King Diamond performing a Halloween show would be rad!”

What can I say? I was 13. I had simple dreams.

King Diamond 2015 tour tickets went on sale a few months ago. No Seattle. No Vancouver. Certainly no Portland. But he was going to be in Salt Lake City…on Halloween …performing Abigail…in its entirety. Continue reading