Just Another Day in Prague

It took no time at all to feel so at home that settling into a life in Prague had become a real consideration. “That’s how it was for me,” confirmed the waiter. “Came here on holiday. I just never went home.” For the third time in just under a month I was at the Hard Rock Cafe a few steps out of Old Town Square eating the best burger I had ever tasted beyond US borders. The atmosphere was also unlike any other with the greatest staff, the company’s largest memorabilia collection in Europe, and a custom-made guitar shaped chandelier, all within the oldest building to ever host the brand. Behind the three stories of burgers, guitars, and neon bars was real history in concert with a pulsing modernity—the soul of a city I had grown to love as if it were already my home. “Want to work here?” he asked. “Merch, club, office, whatever!” Twice in one day. Prague didn’t want me to leave.  Continue reading