Let’s Try this Again

I know.

It’s been…forever. Actually, in 9 days it will have been one year since my last post. One year since Babymetal at the Tokyo Dome! Damn! It’s ok, I saw them in London twice at the O2 with RHCP and at Asakasa Blitz in Tokyo in a tropical downpour just this summer, so life has maintained it’s most important regulatory principles. But I have missed writing these entries as both personal and academic exercises allowing me a chance to spill part of what’s tumbling around this brain of mine thus clearing room and clarifying thought. I am disappointed in myself for not following through on my promise to keep this somewhat consistent, but I have a good excuse, I swear.

I actually thought about writing something last month when I was in Tokyo but I had descended into maybe the busiest period my life had ever seen. Finishing my second postgrad degree (my 6th overall, because I’m a masochist), preparing research proposals and training like a hopeful Jeopardy contestant for doctoral candidate interviews, starting a tour booking and promotions business , all while navigating cultural and linguistic minefields of intercultural romance made life a tad manic. The swamp-ass heat of oppressive Japanese summers didn’t help as it was exhausting just opening the door on that outdoor sauna and insect exhibit. Ugh…just don’t go in the summer. I live there part-time and kind of had to be there for various personal and academic reasons, and I can handle it if need be, but for fuck’s sake! The weather was evil. Like Norwegian church burning kind of evil.

My life is now split between London and Tokyo and it’s a little complicated. I’m sitting in my London abode, Babymetal, Mary’s Blood, and Mutant Monster on the walls to make it feel home-like, yet I long for my return to Tokyo (3 weeks and counting). My excuses have drifted away and I finally feel like I have time to resurrect (again) this little WordPressy monument to my thoughts.

I am about to embark on the most challenging period of my life to date so I expect this is actually a good time to get back into the swing of intellectual housecleaning once in a while. Why? As of now…I am a PhD candidate. Yup. The terminal degree. Dr Morris, bitches! Professor Morris? Ok, maybe ‘Just Chris’ is fine. PhD in Music with a focus on Ethnomusicology. I’m literally writing the book on my life’s most consuming passion. What am I getting myself into?

So…I need to make some changes here though. I will attempt shorter entries. I really like long-form travel writing (thanks, Neil) but it became too much pressure and too much of a time vacuum. Longer entries may pop up when warranted, but I need to write more often as both a break from my new academic endeavor and to reengage the simple pleasure of typing away about the two things that matter most to me: travel and music.  We’ll see what happens.

Here we go again. Have I told ya’ll about Mutant Monster? Touch My Secret? Holy shit…MARY’S BLOOD?? No? Fuck. Guess I better get writing.

song of the day – “Cruel Summer” by Bananarama






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