It is a long way down

It has been a while. I have tried to write on some of my observations about travel, music, and the stuff over which I tend to muse, but life has been going at a pace lately I am just not accustomed to. This is a good thing, though! Both academic and professional responsibilities have reached new levels of importance. The schedule I have kept to fulfill those responsibilities has been maybe the most challenging yet, but the rewards have been almost unimaginable. Having just completed likely the most exhausting week of my life managing a UK tour for the Japanese acts we were so lucky to work with, it is safe to say that my business partner and I have been on quite a high. After decades of uncertainty regarding where in the music business any modicum of satisfaction could be found, operating within a niche with previously untapped levels of dedication and emotional investment is the happiest I have ever been in my relationship to music, as a professional and as a fan. As an academic, my access to particular scenes of profound intellectual interest is also at an all time high and the first signs of true progress on the daunting road to a doctoral degree and the likelihood of a subsequent monograph are beginning to manifest. I feel like my work in those realms is of consequence, deeply appreciated, and personally gratifying. I owe it all to Japan. Continue reading