About Me

Welcome to The Vagabond Manchild.

I’m a traveler, musician, academic, and pop-culture nerd writing about my adventures and the passions which inspire them.

This all started as a travel blog called Something to do with Vikings. As my audience grew so did the feeling that I should grow with it and maybe take this writing thing a little more seriously. The Vagabond Manchild is then the next stage of my travel writing efforts as I focus on branding whatever is happening here. I focus on casual long-form narratives but may play with format from time to time. I do a little freelance work here and there (generic content filler, so far anyway) and hope that continues, but love putting my unfiltered thoughts and observations out there this way. While I enjoy academic writing, a more conversational tone here is both fun and freeing.

I don’t know what, if anything, will come of it. I’m still sharpening skills and finding a voice, but if you like what you read and I continue to like writing it, then that’s all that matters.