Let’s Try this Again

I know.

It’s been…forever. Actually, in 9 days it will have been one year since my last post. One year since Babymetal at the Tokyo Dome! Damn! It’s ok, I saw them in London twice at the O2 with RHCP and at Asakasa Blitz in Tokyo in a tropical downpour just this summer, so life has maintained it’s most important regulatory principles. But I have missed writing these entries as both personal and academic exercises allowing me a chance to spill part of what’s tumbling around this brain of mine thus clearing room and clarifying thought. I am disappointed in myself for not following through on my promise to keep this somewhat consistent, but I have a good excuse, I swear. Continue reading


What the hell, Zürich?

Zürich has always been on my list. It held a place in my imagination as a pleasant, peaceful, chocolate drenched town of high-end watches, anonymous banking, amazing sausages, and cute girls selling me throat lozenges from atop a mountain while men in lederhosen blew into big horns. A goat is somewhere nearby. Add Babymetal and it’s the stuff of dreams! Continue reading

Thank You, Strasbourg

I flew in and out of London on my recent jaunt to Europe. I admit I had missed London in a way. Distance and time can bring out the positive sentimental aspects of any situation, but as I stepped off that plane my dislike of the city was still palpable. Adding insult to it all was a rush of unexpected emotional complications. Do I really want to come back to this place for another degree? Too soon? Continue reading

Japan: Day One – Patience of the Fox God

My first fu807ce-saitamall day in Japan was going to be a good day. Workout, breakfast, a long walk, a museum, lunch, and then train to Saitama where I would experience Babymetal in all of their sold out home-country glory. It was going to be my day when, as Neil Peart once wrote, “my feet catch the pulse and the purposeful stride.” But as they say, the best laid plans of Babymetal fans… Continue reading